Counseling is Integral to a Recovery Program

Given that the co-owners and founders of SOAP MAT, LLC are licensed psychologists, a high degree of emphasis is placed on the counseling component of treatment.

Patients at SOAP MAT are assigned a personal counselor and are seen on varying schedules according to the length of time in treatment and also the responses gained from treatment. The counselors routinely monitor the patient’s progress by use of random urine drug screens, which are conducted randomly at least once a month but more often as clinically indicated or as mandated by patient need.

The primary counselor completes a treatment plan after the intake assessment is complete. As the patient advances through the treatment process and follows the treatment plan as designed, eligibility for reduced counseling sessions and take-home medication will be discussed by the treatment team and if found appropriate, granted to the patient. All treatment plans are individualized. Treatment plans are utilized throughout the treatment stay and updated every 90 days by the primary counselor and the treatment team to ensure the needs of the patient are being met and the goals of the patient are attainable.